Revised: November 2, 2015

  1. The Caroline County Public Schools’ Code of Student Conduct is in effect whenever students are under the authority of school officials. The Code of Student Conduct applies equally to our school buses, co-curricular events, school functions, athletic events, or any other school sponsored activity. From the time students leave for school in the morning until they get to their destinations in the afternoon, students are under school authority.
  2. MakerSpace club sponsors may temporarily or permanently deny a student the opportunity to participate in MakerSpace activities.
  3. The school division is not responsible for anything left behind in the MakerSpace after you use it.
  4. Be respectful to the next person coming to use the MakerSpace! Keep the space clean and organized. Respect others’ projects and work.
  5. Every sponsor must be responsible for covering his or her class or club.
    1. There can absolutely never be a club or class without a sponsor present at all times!
    2. As a sponsor, if you are sick or cannot make your meeting time, it is your responsibility to contact ALL parents of the students involved in advance of the class or club. Should an emergency require an absence, sponsors MUST contact the students’ school’s main office to have parents notified.
    3. A failure to notify the parents of the students involved will result in the cancellation of your program in current as well as future sessions.
  6. Sponsors are to take attendance at each class and submit attendance sheets to the School Board Office Technology Services Office monthly (with time sheets). Whomever is sponsoring the class or program must be prepared to present it at any time. This is not an option! Please review your roster and become familiar with student names and the number of students in your class. Taking this small step can ensure the safety of the students while they are in our care.
  7. In the event that a child is absent from a program or class and this absence was not advised by the parent/ guardian, the sponsor should contact the students’ school’s main office to confirm that absence with the main office staff.
  8. Sponsors must not leave the school grounds while a child is still waiting to be picked up. There must be an authorized representative signing out the student as listed on the attendance sheet.
  9. All areas of the school used for after school activities should be left exactly as you find them. NO MESSES OR TRASH LEFT BEHIND!